4 Perks of Living in Tagaytay

4 Perks of Living in Tagaytay

With its undeniable charm, Tagaytay is often the first choice for a quick weekend getaway. Tagaytay’s cool breeze is all the rave for the Manileños, but there is more to Tagaytay that some people chose to live here and experience the perks on a daily basis.

Perks of living in Tagaytay City

The picturesque scenery

The picturesque landscape all throughout is worth waking up to – every day! Tagaytay is a resort city after all. It’s God-given for sure, making you think that living here is a blessing not endowed to many Filipinos. Well, without trying to be unapologetically poetic, it is; it’s a place to appreciate life more.

The exciting attractions

Tagaytay never runs out of fun and fascinating places of interest. People flock to the city because of these attractions. Great examples are Sky Ranch, Puzzle Mansion, Paradizoo, People’s Park in the Sky, and Picnic Grove. Of course, there are churches, malls, and restaurants to visit especially on weekends.

The local delicacies

Unique to Tagaytay City are bulalo and tawilis, which are no doubt attractions of their own. Some people go here to taste the authentic bulalo. Some others go to experience dining at Sonya’s Garden, Breakfast at Antonio’s, and Balay Dako. These restos thrive on organic menus. Locations at walking distances from these diners are the best.

The hassle-free lifestyle

For the longest time, Tagaytay is the choice for people who want to unwind and retreat. Everything’s laid-back here. Indeed, it’s for the pleasure seekers. What better way to experience pleasure every day than to live where it is born. Case in point: No hellish traffic in Tagaytay roads. If there will be, that’s very rare.

We all know the fifth perk which is also mentioned early on – the chilly weather. A place dubbed as the second Summer Capital of the Philippines, Tagaytay City’s signature cool breeze is the complete opposite of Manila’s hot weather. It helps in having a calmer and more relaxed mood thanks to the sweeping greeneries around.

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