5 Reasons Why You Should Live in Tagaytay Now

5 Reasons Why You Should Live in Tagaytay Now

Known as a popular tourist destination that is home to most foreign expats, Metro Tagaytay is poised and primed to become the Philippines’ next premier residential area. Located just a couple of hours away from the country’s capital, Metro Manila (depending on traffic conditions) the city is somewhat a crossbreed of the city and provincial living.

It sits at some 2000 feet above sea level to which its cool temperature is to be attributed to; Tagaytay also offers an idyllic lifestyle that fuses the best elements of rustic and countryside living in conjunction with the convenience of living in a contemporary and modern metropolitan city. Furthermore, residential accommodations are ready for occupancy for individuals who might be interested—and they have quite a wide selection to choose from.

Why live in Tagaytay

Quality condominium high-rises, community townhouses and the like are mostly located atop a mountain or hilltop bounded by lush greenery and verdant surroundings. If you are fortunate enough, you might even come across a location that offers you a grand and panoramic view of the Taal Lake. Now, imagine waking up to that every morning. And you are sure to have a breathtaking view before you can even start your day.

Tagaytay remains to be a sustainable residential area that offers the convenience of cosmopolitan living while retaining some provincial aspects. It is one of the better alternatives to residing in Metro Manila. As the latter has become more and more congested over the years with traffic onslaughts becoming a daily occurrence, relocating to Tagaytay would be a wise move on your part. But apart from providing an idyllic residential location with a less polluted environment, what else does Tagaytay have to offer?

Well, you can worry about the cost of living in Tagaytay because we will discuss that in a separate post. For now, read on below to find out exactly what makes this place so ideal for residential living.

1. The fresh air

Fresh air is hard to come by or practically nonexistent in Metro Manila. So much so that residents might even be breathing in the polluted air on a daily basis. In this regard, most of us would be desirous of a place where we can smell a fresh air’s breeze sans the stifling feeling of fumes and other toxic elements in the air. Tagaytay provides exactly just that because of the fruit-bearing and forest trees. This is especially evident in Indang Alfonso and Cavite. Unlike Metro Manila, the area is not permeated by thick smog on early mornings.

2) The stress-free living

Tagaytay offers a healthy and sustainable environment to live in with all the conveniences you can find in a cosmopolitan city. With this ideal amalgamation of two integral aspects of residential living, locals are resultantly less stressed or even lead a stress-free life. Without the perpetual traffic congestion to deal with, they practically have more time on their hands to do the things that they do wish to do. Every single day is an experience and being close to nature is definitely a gift from above. Just imagine waking up to the chirps of the birds instead of the car horn blares early in the morning. It certainly is ideal, is it not? That in conjunction with refreshing cool air would make you look forward to waking up instead of dreading every morning.

3) The inexpensive agricultural products

Tagaytay’s LGU cluster is one of the top food producers. Residents benefit largely from this. Furthermore, basic commodities are relatively cheap in Metro Tagaytay as compared to the prices they will fetch for in Metro Manila. If you wish to purchase cheap and fresh agricultural produce, a visit to the public market of Indang has you covered.

4) The tolerable traffic

Although traffic is one of the inevitable consequences when it comes to living in progressive cities, this is not the case in Tagaytay. Although minor holdups and delays occur, traffic gridlocks are practically nonexistent in this area. Slow moving tricycles, stray dogs, chicken and other livestock crossing the street would seem to be the only primary source of traffic frustrations in the area. Frustrating traffic jams that would set you back half an hour or so is a rare occurrence. But they usually occur on weekends and long holidays.

5) The competitive real property prices

Understandably, the City of Tagaytay is an exception to this. But, you would be pleased to know that bargains can be found all over the area such as in Metro Tagaytay and even Tagaytay City itself. As there are still quite a lot of vacant lots, prices can be quite competitive which means you might get a good real estate property deal.

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