Visit Nuvali, a Tourist Attraction Outside Tagaytay

Visit Nuvali, a Tourist Attraction Outside Tagaytay

Tagaytay is one of the primary weekend getaways for the urban dwellers. However, if you frequent the city, you’d eventually want to explore a new place. Look no further because there’s a place in Santa Rosa, Laguna that is all the rave right now – Nuvali, a must-see tourist attraction outside Tagaytay City.

Nuvali is just 35 minutes of drive away from Tagaytay City via Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Rd. with the usual traffic. It is also accessible via Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, though it would take up to 50 minutes to go in Nuvali.

Nuvali as the most interesting tourist attraction outside Tagaytay

Nuvali boasts of so many things to do. Below is the rundown of these activities, which are also the reasons you should visit the place.

1) Ride Asia’s biggest roller coaster in Camp N

Nuvali recently opened up its Camp N, its own adventure and leisure park that includes a gigantic roller coaster zip line. Aside from the zip line, the camp also features an adventure tower where one can rappel, wall climb, and free fall. There are also an obstacle course and aerial walk challenges.

2) Go leisure biking

Nuvali has paved roads and bike trails, some are even overlooking Mt. Makiling. The tree-lined avenues are 100% safe and secure since there are very few cars passing along the complex. Bikes for rent are available at Lakeside Evozone for only Php60 per hour. Off-road biking is also possible through its track and trail system. This is the venue for Nuvali Dirt Weekend, a mountain biking event.

3) Try wakeboarding

If you want to learn how to wakeboard, you should do this at Republ1c Wakepark in Nuvali. The park is perfect for both beginners and advanced wakeboarders. The top-notch water sports facility features not just the lake, but also a restaurant and bar. You can do wakeboarding as well as snowboarding, surfing, and skiing.

4) Feed the koi fish

An interestingly popular activity in Nuvali is feeding the koi fish. Right in front of Solenad, the retail complex in the area, is a pond where kids and kids at heart can enjoy feeding the ornamental fish. Fish food is for sale for only Php15. The food floats so you’ll see hundreds of koi fishes racing to the surface.

5) Visit the sanctuary

Another great feature of Nuvali is its Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary. The 17-kilometer green zone houses more than 60 species of birds and various flora and fauna. There’s a view deck for birdwatchers, too. However, if you want to see the best bird species, you must be there as early as 6 am. Bring your own binoculars. Don’t wear bright-colored clothes since these are too distracting for the birds.

These are just five of the reasons Nuvali is fast becoming a weekend destination for families especially those with kids instead of Tagaytay. Surely, there will be more activities to do in the place for the years to come since its developer never stops at introducing new exciting things for the people to experience.

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